Hybrid events could have a highly produced virtual option that looked much like a television show? WHAT IF the virtual audience was engaged, informed, and represented from start-to-finish?

Picture it... using live camera feeds from your venue and a TV news veteran to emcee the entire virtual experience live from a studio. Integrate pre-scripted opens, on-the-fly updates, on-screen graphics, and smooth transitions. Just like a television production, the virtual audience is treated to a polished and professional experience.

Imagine it... live, bi-directional interaction between the studio emcee and the in-person emcee, giving the virtual audience representation at the in-person event.

It's now a thing, and it's called Hybrid Link.

It's like something you'd see on TV. It's produced from a professional studio and uses live feeds from the event. It can be interactive... the virtual emcee can even be brought onto the big screens at the venue, giving the virtual audience a voice. This experience is built for virtual audiences and Hybrid Link makes them feel valued.

Meet Valonda!

Valonda is your virtual audience's bestie. Live from the Hybrid Link Studio, Valonda is with your virtual audience from start-to-finish while keeping them engaged, informed, and represented along the way.

Emceed by TV news veteran, Valonda Calloway

How It Works

Live video from your in-person event is mixed with cut-in's from our studio where we create a viewing experience designed for your virtual audience... keeping them engaged, informed, and part of the event.

Professional Live Streaming

We setup multiple cameras at your event to capture and stream from different angles. The camera feeds are sent to our studio where it's mixed with live studio content. Already have a camera crew? We can work with them!

Live Interaction

At pre-determined times, like audience Q&A's, the venue emcee and our virtual emcee can interact together. This creates a shared experience for both in-person and virtual audiences.

Hybrid Studio Content

In addition to event content streamed from the venue, the virtual audience is engaged from start-to-finish with pre-scripted segments, transitions, and timely announcements.

Hybrid Control Center

Using our state-of-the-art control room we are able to mix the various elements of the event and distribute to the online audience.

Additional Revenue Stream

Our hybrid solution is designed with sponsorships in mind. Opportunities include studio branding, on-screen graphics, countdown sponsors, roll-in commercials and more!

Upon request, our produced events can be accessible
with ASL (American Sign Language) and Closed Captioning.

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