Studio-based video production for the coaching, educational/training, and corporate communication sectors.

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Dynamic doesn't just say, "we're different..." they mean it. There is no other video studio space or experience like what Dynamic offers. Prove me wrong!
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Dynamic Video Group provides studio-based productions for coaches, educational/training institutions, and corporate communications departments. Depending on the needs of the video production, we offer three different studio options:

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Coach From Los Angeles

Traveling across the country (from Los Angeles) for his fifth show with Dynamic, this coach hosts 3-day sales events with an interactive audience.

Sales Training Team

With members of this highly acclaimed sales team traveling in from across the country, their team recorded training modules AND held live webinars from the studio.

Popular Business Coach

Six shows and counting... this NYT Best Selling business coach pushes our virtual event space to the max... and we love it! It's insanely engaging for the audience.

UNC's Business School

In partnership with UNC's Kenan Flagler business school, our studio space is being used for course video production for the MBA program.

Content Coach

Few people know how to write good content, but this coach does... and her 3-day sales event was wildly successful because she can connect with her audience in our space.

Global Town Hall

With employees located across the globe, and presenters in 4 continents, our space was the perfect solution for a global employee town hall.

Studio Tour

Based in Durham, NC, just minutes away from the Raleigh-Durham airport, clients across the US have easy access to our studios. Our virtual tour will take you on a quick walk around the studio complex.


We know how to produce killer sales events.

Simply stated, we know how to produce for coaches. We offer more than an interactive studio, we offer the experience and guidance coaches need to create successful virtual sales events.

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Educational / Training

One word: "Experience"

Our team is backed by decades of experience in EdTech. We know that training virtually or recording content to a camera is different. Our team works with educational institutions, instructional designers, and directly with educators or trainers. No matter your role, organization type, or experience... our team is ready to partner!

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Corporate Communications

Professionalism Matters

If COVID has done one thing with corporate video... it's created greater demand for better, more interactive content. Employees and clients alike have high expectations for video engagement, and we have the team and studios to help you deliver.

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Based in North Carolina, we offer studio facilities for interactive live streaming and capturing of course material.